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Music of Oceania - presented by Filip 'Filami' Lamasisi
The Traditional Music Instruments of Papua New Guinea (PNG). (Mar, 2nd 2002)

This innitial and introductory programme inaugurating the worldwide broadcast of the Music of Oceania on Emap.FM - Internet Radio, eventuated from the invitation from Dr. Emil H. Lubej, who is the innitiator, founder and coordinator of this exceptional and extraordinary broadcasting possibility via Internet, to participate in this project.

With great enthusiasm I accepted and agreed, realising how worthwhile such an opportunity is inorder to make known and publicize worldwide the Music of the people of Oceania, or the Pacific region respectively. Since I myself come from Papua New Guinea andrelatively wellversed with the diverse musics of the region, I believe that it necessary to at least bring to the rest of the world someawareness about the music of Oceania.

It is my objective therefore to produce a programme series which should deal with the music from the region under the title, Music of Oceania, in which music examples and related background informations would be presented.

To begin with I presented an introductory account of the music of Oceania, and of the geographical and cultural aspects, clarifying the main regions, ie. Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. I then commenced the series in Papua New Guinea in Melanesia, by presenting examples of the diverse music and sound instruments.

For this purpose, I am Filip 'Filami' Lamasisi. Aged 48, I come from Papua New Guinea and I have lived in Vienna, Austria for 23 years,where I did some studies in Ethnomusicology and Ethnology. otherwise I have an academic degree, ie. a Bachelor of Agriculture, from the University of Papua New Guinea.

Reference List of Music Material Sources:
1. Enga Traditional Music: - MC., 1974, Institute of PNG (IPNGS), P.O. Box 1432, Boroko, Recs. by Frederic Duvelle and Kundapen Talyaga.
2. Simbu Kukane Traditional Music: - MC., 1974 (as above), Recs. by F. Duvelle and Paul Kawage.
3. Gizra ans Bine Traditional Music:- MC., 1976, (as above), Recs. by F. Duvelle and Bilai Laba.
4. Tolai Traditional Music, - MC., 1976, (as above), Recs. by F. Duvelle and Apisai Enos.
5. Papua New Guinea: Manus and Bougainville, -MLP., 1986, Ocora Radio, France/ IPNGS, Recs. by Charles and Fred. Duvelle.
6. Sacred Flute Music from New Guinea: Madang: - MLP., 1977, Quartz Publications, 17.Victoria Rd., London, N22 4xA England. Recs. by Ragna Johnson.
7. Les Aborigenes de Papouasie - Musiques du Sepik: - MCD. 1992, LC 8191, Sunset-France, 66 Rue de L'est, 92100 Boulogne, France. Recs. by Manuel Gomes.
8. New Ireland Traditional Music (PNG): - "unpublished", 1982, Music Archive, IPNGS. Recs. by Filip Lamasisi.

The program series, "The Music of Oceania", Emap.FM Internet Radio´s formerly weekly program, is broadcasted now occasionaly.
With music from Oceania, the programs hosted and presented by Filip `Filami´ Lamasisi, sets its goal at bringing the necessary awareness to the rest of the world of the diverse music cultures and the multitude of music types, from traditional to contemporaries of the region.
Broadcasting times are Saturdays at 16:00 UTC, with replay on Monday at 00:00 UTC and Wednesdays at 08:00 UTC.