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The Didgeridoo in the Current Contemporary Music (Feb, 1st 2003)

1. tr.2; "Call of Kuranda", David Hudson
2. tr.3; "The Ancient Voice", David Hudson
3. tr.1; "Red Dust And Sweat", Steve Roach
4. tr.6; "Origion", Steve Roach
5. tr.9; "Awakening Earth", Sarah Hopkins
6. tr.10; "Land Sound The Dreaming Place", David Hudson / Steve Roach
7. tr.4, "Atmosphere For Dreaming", Steve Roach / Sarah Hopkins
8. tr.5, "Darktime", Steve Roach / Sarah Hopkins, "The Initiation", Steve Roach
9. tr.7, "Spirit", David Hudson
10. tr.8, "The Hunter", David Hudson

Source of Music:
CD.Album, "Australia: SOUND OF THE EARTH", Steve Roach/David Hudson/ Sarah Hopkins; 1990,Fortuna Records, LC8878


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