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Music of Oceania - presented by Filip 'Filami' Lamasisi
The Traditional Indigenous Music of Fiji (Mar, 1st 2003)

Nr.1; tr.1., "Bula"(hello), by Kabu Kei Conua (KKC) Group, of Sobeto Village, rec. 30.08.1996
Nr.2; tr.2., "U dori toka"(Sitting beside the vaivai tree),by KKC Group, rec.31.12.1986
Nr.3; tr.3.,"Moce koto na viavia" (Sleeping under the viavia plant), by KKC Group, rec.11.10.1990
Nr.4; tr.4., "Kobua kei Nayau"(Mist over Nayau),by KKC Group, rec.22.12.1990
Nr.5; tr.5., "Sa caroba"(Fallen down),by KKC Group, rec.29.12.1990
Nr.6; tr.6., "E ya e a"(Legend Story),by KKC Group, rec.11.10.1990
Nr.7; tr.7., "Sa a dodoa wa loaloa"(Stretch out the black rope)by KKC Group, rec.03.01.1987
Nr.8; tr.8., "Na manuwa e vakarau yali"(The warship is sailing out of sight),by KKC Group, rec.11.10.190
Nr.9; tr.9., "Me vakacavari"(To complete), by the Votualevu Dance Group, rec. 05.08.1996
Nr.10; tr.10, "Tiko mai Naicobo" (When I was in Naicobo),by KKC Group, ec.31.12.1990
Nr.11; tr.11., "Ni vakarorogo" (Listen), by KKC Group, rec. 29.12.1990
Nr.12; tr.12., "Veitiqa" (The veitiqa game),by the Votualevu Dance Group,rec.05.08.1996
Nr.13; tr.,13., "Soso bibi"(Slap your thighs with your hands),by the Votualvu Dance Grouprec.05.08.1996
Nr.14; tr.14.,"Yavulo,Yavulo,vuni maqo e butö"(Yavulo,Yavulo,under the shade of the mango tree), by Villagers from Korovisilou on Viti Levu, rec.07.01.1987
Nr.15; tr.16., "Na polo koula"(The golden ball),by KKC Group, rec.31.12.1990

Extra Tracks to Play List: Nr.16; tr.15., "Ma nono riki Lemadu Rara"(My village Lemadu Rara),by KKC Group, rec.11.10.1990
Nr.17; tr.24.,"Isa Lei"(Farewell), by KKC Group, rec.30.08.1996.

Source of Music:
'VITI LEVU' the multicultural heart of Fiji, Anthology of Pacific #14, PAN 2096CD,2000 PARADOX.
Text Infos, cited from 1.Bob Kay´s Fiji Guide >>www.fijiguide.com<<, 2.Liner Notes to CD by Ad Linkels.Recorded by Ad and Lucia Linkels.


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