Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Sijo Lyrical Songs performed by Park In-Gyu (part 2)
presented by Peter Duffy (20 October 2002)

"His sound is like comfort imbued with the beauties of old houses which are covered with moss." - Kim Kyong-bae (Important Intangible Cultural Treasure #30). Park In-gyu is considered to be one of the finest vocalists of his generation. This is the second part of his performances of sijo-lyrical songs. The sijo song form uses classical Korean poetry as text and is characterized by a slow, calm melodic progression. It's best to listen to these sijo performances while playing chess, knitting, or simply contemplating life slowly.

1. cheonji'neun
2. taesan'i
3. yojie
4. nokyang'i
5. myeongnyeon samweol'e
6. palmandaejang
7. gireu'gi
8. sanchon'e
9. imgrin
10. taebaeksanha
11. haktago
Sijo (Korean Classical Lyrical Song) sung by Park In-Gyu (collection #2)
TOPCD-050, JIGU, Seoul, Korea