Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Compositions of Hyo-shin Na
presented by Peter Duffy (27 Oct 2002)

"I find that I can't support war-making politicians and their goal of a commercialized, materialistic, market-driven world. It's impossible to sit at home and write a love song when the world is in turmoil, but maybe instead of protesting with loud words and violent actions, I can write quieter, slower, subtle music." - Hyo-shin Na. Composer Hyo-shin Na lived in Korea for the first half of her life studying piano and composition in the ways of the European tradition. After graduating from Ewha Woman's University in Seoul, she went to the USA to continue her music studies first in Manhattan and then in Boulder. At that time she began her first 'serious studies' of traditional Korean music. Many of her compositions exhibit elements of both Korean and European traditions and include both Korean and Western instruments. The confluence of these two traditions meet in this presentation of her compositions from the CD "Blue Yellow River" (2001).

1. Jung-Ji-Hyang
2. The Wind Has No Destination
3. Blue Yellow River
"Blue Yellow River - Compositions of Hyo-shin Na" TOPCD-044, JIGU, Seoul, Korea