Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Court Music
presented by Peter Duffy (10 Nov 2002)

"We could also look at the characteristics of court music, where many people play the same tune without worrying about being close together and dominating no one, as a way of living people in harmony." - Composer Hyo-shin Na. Court music was usually played to accompany ceremonies such as dances, processions and diplomatic meetings.
Kayagum player Yi Jiyoung, director of Contemporary Music Ensemble Korea, will be featured on Hyunak Chwita, the first installment of this presentation. This selection is the only one derived from military marching music and is played by a small ensemble of Piri, Daegum, Kayagum and Janggu. The second selection of this presentation includes a Piri performance by the ever curious Chong Jae-Guk, a master of various wind instruments known for his faithful interpretation of traditional court music.

1. Hyunak Chwita
"Art World of Yi Jiyoung's Kayagum", TOPCD-032, JIGU, Seoul, Korea
2. Pyojongmanbangjigok
"Chong Jae-Guk Piri Chong-ak", TOPCD-010, JIGU, Seoul, Korea