Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Compositions by Hwang Byungki (part 2)
presented by Peter Duffy (24 Nov 2002)

"When I play kayagum deep into the night while eating fresh chestnuts and dates and the sounds coming from the paulownia wood reflect off the floors and some slither their way through the door while some circle inside, that is the secret nuance of the kayagum." - Hwang Byungki. This is a presentation of compositions by Hwang Byungki, a legendary figure in Korean music culture. His 1962 composition "Forest" is considered to be the first truly Korean composition and since then he has been illuminating the world with his musical explorations. In the pieces featured on this presentation, Hwang Byungki draws inspiration from eclectic sources including mysticism of India, shaman music, vase etchings from the Shilla Dynasty, and ancient writings.

1. Chimhyang-moo
2. Autumn
3. Legend
4. The Nanny
5. Mountain Spirit
6. Namdo Fantasy
"Portrait of a Master: Hwang Byungki Kayagum Masterpieces" (2001) C&L Music Inc., Korea