Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Sanjo
presented by Peter Duffy (15 Dec 2002)

"If you want to learn Pansori, the first step is to make your voice very hoarse. And then you try to get a clear, beautiful sound from this hoarse voice." - Hwang Byungki. Pansori is an epic narrative song form which achieved popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries. Pansori is performed by a single vocalist armed with a fan and handkerchief for dramatic purposes, accompanied by a single barrel drum, and spurred on by occasional shouts of encouragement from the audience. This is part 1 of a presentation featuring the Pansori called Chunhyangga (Song of Chunhyang), a tale of corruption, imprisonment, and love.

1.Yi Mong-nyong Meets Bangja
2. Chunhyang's Mother Praying
3. Yi Mong-nyong Meets With Chunhyang's Mother
4. Yi Mong-nyong's Fib
5. Chunhyang's Dream
CD: "Park Dong-Jin's Pansori Collection: Chunhyangga" (1988) SKCD-K-0250, SKC LTD., Yejeon Media, Seoul