Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Sanjo
presented by Peter Duffy (8 Dec 2002)

"The communication which is established between the musicians and the listeners, who themselves become impassioned partners, is such that the performance transforms into an art form quite unique and rich in content." - Kim Kyong-Soon (Pansori scholar). Pansori is an epic narrative song form unique to Korea and full performances can last up to 8 hours. This is part 2 of a presentation featuring Chunhyangga (Song of Chunhyang), one of only five pansori remaining in performance practice. The love story reaches a climax at the village magistrate's birthday celebration.

1. Yi Mong-nyong Visits Chunhyang in Prison
2. Village Magistrate's Birthday Celebration
3. Yi Mong-nyong's Poem
4. Departing Guests
5. Village Magistrate's Downfall
CD: "Park Dong-Jin's Pansori Collection: Chunhyangga" (1988) SKCD-K-0250, SKC LTD., Yejeon Media, Seoul