Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Sanjo
presented by Peter Duffy (29 Dec 2002)

The sanjo is a technically brilliant solo instrumental form which originated late in the 19th century in the folk music tradition of Korea's southern region. It is my sincere hope that one day Korea will adopt the banjo into its music culture thus allowing the possibility of a banjo sanjo. Until then, we will listen to sanjo pieces p^^layed on traditional Korean instruments and this presentation includes sanjo performances on komungo, piri, haegum, and kayagum. Performers include Kim Won-Son, Park Chong-Sil, and Kim Myeong-Shin.

1. Komungo Sanjo
"An Invitation to Korean Music", SBCD-4439, Seoul Records, Korea
2. Piri Sanjo (Park Pom-Hun ryu)
"Piri Solo by Kim Won-Son", TOPCD-020, Jigu Records, Seoul
3. Haegum Sanjo (Kim Young-Jae ryu)
"Park Chong-Sil: 4 Haegum Sanjo", TOPCD-014, Jigu Records, Seoul
4. Kayagum Sanjo (Kim Yun-Deok ryu)
"Two Kayagum Performances by Kim Myeong-Shin", TOPCD-048, Jigu Records, Seoul