Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Song of Ten Thousand Year Joy
presented by Peter Duffy (23 March 2003)

This piece Jajin-Hanip, also known as Mannyeonchanghwanjigok (Song of Ten Thousand Year Joy), has been described as "music that is melodious to the ear and cool and refreshing to the mind". Originally this music for small orchestral ensemble was used as accompaniment for lyrical art songs, a vocal form popular with the upper classes. The music now exists as an orchestral suite in six movements which is typically played either in its entirety or in abbreviated form of two or three movements.

1. Jajin-Hanip (full version)
"Selection of Korean Classical Music", 1982, Jigu Records, Seoul
2. Jajin-Hanip (abridged)
"Anthology of Korean Traditional Music", Sung Eum Record Co., Seoul