Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: "Yomillak: Enjoying With the People"
presented by Peter Duffy (20 April 2003)

Composed in the 15th century, Yomillak is a court music piece in seven movements which combines elements of both native Korean and Chinese music. Originally the work was made up of ten movements and used a number of cantos from the epic poetry cycle "Songs of the Flying Dragon", a work composed as the first experimental use of the Korean alphabet Hangul, which had just been invented in 1443. Since the 16th century the text has been excluded from performance and the piece has continued stridently on as a purely instrumental work, gradually becoming more and more Koreanized.

1. Yomillak (1st Movement)
2. Yomillak (2ndMovement)
3. Yomillak (4th Movement)
4. Yomillak (6th Movement)
"Yomillak", 1983, Jigu Records, Seoul