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Echos du Capricorne 2006/04/26

N°364 2006 april 26th broadcast program performed by Claudia Solofolandy and Claudie Zandriny speaker Listen Echos du Capricorne

News prepared and presented by Philippe Randrianarimanana

We received 4 members of Hetsika Diaspora France: Nambinintsoa Rabenarison, Ralava.Beboarimisa, Lalaina and the president Tafika Rakotomavo.
Subject: focus on one of the actual projects of the association: "Bokiko" Book operation for Madagascar.
First step: edition of a bilingual french-malagasy tale, created by malagasy writers, edited in Madagascar, distributed there...
An another project concerns the way to elaborate an associative project: the french cooperation has created found called PRAOSIM (Programme d'Appui aux projets des Organisations de Solidarité issues de l'Immigration to allow association to ask for subventions...

O Mama - Razia
Ao - Sorajavona
Chocolat - Mr No and Vocal Quartet Mavana
Nahoana kay - Dama/Mahaleo

Station-tune for the broadcast program: salama 'nareo tompoko ô - Rakotozafy
Station-tune for the news: Tombo Daniel
Station-tune for malagasy rendez-vous in Paris and surrounded: Datita Rabeson


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