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Zooma Capricorne 2006/10/06

N° 261 - Fri Oct 6th, 2006, Duration: 120min speaker Listen Zooma Capricorne
Bilingual emission French-Malagasy realized by Claudie Zandriny, Claudia Solofolandy and the all the friends of "Les Ami(e)s des Echos du Capricorne".

Diffusion of the music of Madagascar and the conference which was held in Antananarivo on September 1 2006 on the presentation of the candidature for the éléctions presidential Madagascan of Herizo Jossicher Razafimahaleo.

1/ Foot baligny (Dodol)
2/ Ray aman-dreny (Telofangady)
3/ Sarotra ny hino (Lalao Rabeson)
4/ Don-davitra (Feo Gasy)
5/ Madio ivelany (Mireille)
6/ Clandestin (Petsam-bava)
7/ Chocolat (Mr No & Mavana)
8/ Tsy an-jaza andao isika holy (Tsy an-jaza)
9/ Namana (Wazimba)
10/ Les sinistrés du Tsunami (Claudia)
11/ Tsemboka ho faty (Samoela)
12/ Ho avy e (Seheno)
13/ Mon bann zenfant (Dodol)
14/ Didier sy Marc (Hamy)
15/ Sure sure (Mikidache)

Instrumental musics:
Salama 'nareo (Rakotozafy)
Lasa aiza ilay zoma (Erick Manana)
Diora (Datita Rabeson)

Echos du Capricorne
Claudia Solofolandy
27, rue de la Gare - Porte 7501
94 230 Cachan
Tel 00 33 6 66 19 54 67


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Echos du Capricorne : wednesday 20h30-21h30 & thursday 11h-12h
Zooma Capricorne : Friday 5h30-7h30

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