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Echos du Capricorne 2008/04/02

N° 454 - Wed Apr 2nd, 2008, Duration: 55min speaker Listen Echos du Capricorne
Production of Claudie Zandriny, Claudia Solofolandy with the help of Gabrielle Fould, Muriel Rakotomalala, Vola Ralambo and Philippe Randrianarimanana.

Interview of Michèle Rakotoson, Author, "Juillet au pays", Elytis Edition. There is a meetings the 3th of april at the restaurant Le Majungais.

1/ A valy é - Din
2/ Miala tsiny - Tiana
3/ Efa tara - Voahangy
4/ Mba mahafinaritra - Thiera Bruno
5/ Aloka - Tarika

Salama nareo tompoko o - Rakotozafy
Tombo Daniel

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