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Zooma Capricorne

N° 470 - Fri Jul 20th, 2012, Duration: 120min speaker Listen (Zooma Capricorne 2012/07/20)
(Goto Archive from 2002 until now!)

Abel Andriarimalala was professor of literature, French and Malagasy, artist, songwriter and performer. He speaks to us today about the malagasy manners and customs. Tsiny sy Tody ary Andriamanitra Zanahary sy ny Razana.

1/ Tsy hagnano - Wawa
2/ Fitia tsiambaratelo - Abel Andriarimalala
3/ Mahita kilazalaza - Abel Andriarimalala
4/ Mangidihidy - Abel Andriarimalala
5/ Raha misy potraka - Gasy tsy very
6/ Midona any ankaratra - Abel Andriarimalala
7/ Joro - Baba Gasy
8/ Jaolahy mpiarakandro - Big Jim Dah
9/ Anjara tsy mitovy - Tearano

Musics of the generics:
Salama 'nareo tompoko ô (Rakotozafy)
Lasa aiza ilay zoma (Erick Manana)
Diora (Datita Rabeson)

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