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N° 826 - Wed Feb 1st, 2017, Duration: 91min speaker Listen (Echos du Capricorne 2017/02/01)
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Radio Gasy with Muriel, Manitra, Henri, Hery José, Kaladia.

Wednesday February 1's guest was José ANDRIANOELISON, a well-known political figure,
who until recently was special advisor for former Prime Minister Jean Ravelonarivo.
But for a number of Malagasy people, he still answers to the nickname "José kely"
he received around the time he was Minister for Agricultural Production and Agrarian Reform in MADAGASCAR in the early nineties...

"José kely" shared with us a few facts about Madagascar, and some ideas about development,
and future, which clearly does not sound too bright, but which should not be described as a lost cause as Malagasy people still look for brighter days.

After some years grounded in France, this graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique
and of the Ecole Nationale du Génie Rural des Eaux et des Forêts, two of the most prestigious French academic institutions,
resettled in Madagascar with his wife, and is ready to put his skills, experience and commitment to work for the community.
Text by Muriel

1/ Zaho e - Mamy Brunette
2/ Renaissance - Rachel Ratsizafy
3/ Vorombe - Tiharea
4/ Ameo lalana - Anziza Salema
5/ Tsunami - Batoly
6/ Ka magnety anaha - Mamy Brunette

Musics of the generics:

Salama 'nareo Tompoko ô - Rakotozafy
Tombo Daniel
Diora - Datita Rabeson

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