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Zooma Capricorne

N° 715 - Fri May 10th, 2019, Duration: 120min speaker Listen (Zooma Capricorne 2019/05/10)
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Reading of communications from Civil Society Organizations:

1- A civil society group engaging against corruption,


TI IM (Transparency International Initiative Madagascar)

MIEL (Moving for the Integrity of the Elector and the Leader)

Movements of the ROHY Association include the Association AVG, OPTA, MSIS TATAO, CCOC
Additionally, 3 which are successively taking the lead

"Opening Censorship OCS Corruption May 2, 2019 - to the president of the republic of madagascar
about spending the lock on the laws quickly and the restitution of illegal assets "

Malagasy version

2 - Amnesty International
Pretrial Detention of Prisons in Madagascar - Thursday, April 25, 2019

3 - ROHY
"Declaration of the movement of civil society ROHY on the life of the nation and the elections" April 26, 2019.
French version

4 - Collectif TANY - "Collectif pour la défense des terres malgaches"
CRAAD OI - "Centre de Recherches et d'Appui pour les Alternatives de Développement - Océan Indien"

"The presidential decision announced by the Minister of Mines
after his descent on the ground is urgently expected by the local communities "April 20, 2019

French version

1/ Babembahoaka zarahasina - Olombelo Ricky
2/ Mbola tsara - Fenoamby
3/ Eto am-baravarakely - Jhais feat Tody Nat
4/ Bambaray - Cyemci feat Kougar
5/ Hanoratra ho anao - C K Zana Rotsy
6/ Fiainana an-dafy - Clo Mahajanga & Ninie Doniah
7/ Ny masonao - Ndrina Zopanage
8/ Ombin-tsaretin-dRaleva - BO film Haingo
9/ Resy - Boy Black
10/ Makorely - John Gasy, Fida Cyrille, Rudy Didi
11/ Volano - Mikea
12/ Madagasikara - Mikea
13/ Aminay any - Mikea
14/ Analakely - Mikea

Musics of the generics:
Salama 'nareo tompoko ô - Rakotozafy
Danse du sud - Michel Randria

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