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WED 25.10.06 speaker  Archives Virtuelles
WED 25.10.06 a project coordinated by the Malagasy Commission for UNESCOmore

WED 11.01.06 speaker  Tsapiky - Jeune musique de Tuléar
WED 11.01.06 compiled & presented by Julien Mallet (Chercheur à l'IRD)more

WED 16.06.04 speaker  Raha misy
WED 16.06.04 more

WED 02.06.04 speaker  Mihisa androany
WED 02.06.04 more

WED 26.05.04 speaker  Concert Teta and Backom
WED 26.05.04 Recorded on 9th Sept 2002 @ Hotel Glacier, Antananarivo

WED 19.05.04 speaker  Vary amin'anana
WED 19.05.04 more

WED 12.05.04 speaker  Nouveautés 6
WED 12.05.04 more

WED 05.05.04 speaker  Concert Reziky ASCI Music
WED 05.05.04 Recorded on Feb 9th, 2003 @ Hotel Glacier, Antananarivo, Madagascar

WED 28.04.04 speaker  Concert Jean Emilien
WED 28.04.04 Recorded on Sept 27th, 2003 @ Radama Hotel, Antananarivo, Madagascar

WED 21.04.04 speaker  Sega Dombolo
WED 21.04.04 more

WED 14.04.04 speaker  Koragno mangingina
WED 14.04.04 more

WED 07.04.04 speaker  Pasaka 2004
WED 07.04.04 more

WED 31.03.04 speaker  Ny hirahirantsika
WED 31.03.04 more

WED 24.03.04 speaker  Maresaka
WED 24.03.04 more

WED 17.03.04 speaker  Nouveautés 5
WED 17.03.04 more

WED 10.03.04 speaker  Mozika be
WED 10.03.04 more

WED 03.03.04 speaker  Voandalana 3
WED 03.03.04 Concert with Dr.JB broadcasted and recorded on Nov 26th, 2003 @ Glacier / Antananarivo (3 hours, 20 min)

WED 25.02.04 speaker  Voandalana 2
WED 25.02.04 Concert with Francisco, Jarifa & Toto Mwandjany. Broadcasted and recorded by Emil H. Lubej on Nov 29th, 2003 @ Hotel Glacier / Antananarivo

WED 18.02.04 speaker  Voandalana 1
WED 18.02.04 Concert with Vilon'Androy, Nainako & Samy Rastafahany. Broadcasted and recorded by Emil H. Lubej on Nov 28th, 2003 @ Hotel Glacier / Antananarivo. At the begin there is a short interview with Soazara

WED 11.02.04 speaker  Ravo
WED 11.02.04 more

WED 04.02.04 speaker  Hiaraka aminao
WED 04.02.04 more

WED 28.01.04 speaker  Falifaly
WED 28.01.04 more

WED 21.01.04 speaker  Nouveautés 4
WED 21.01.04 more

WED 14.01.04 speaker  Mampamangy
WED 14.01.04 more

WED 07.01.04 speaker  Archive 4
WED 07.01.04 more

WED 31.12.03 speaker  Reveillon 2003
WED 31.12.03 more

WED 24.12.03 speaker  Noely 2003
WED 24.12.03 more

WED 17.12.03 speaker  Souvenir Discomad
WED 17.12.03 more

WED 10.12.03 speaker  Chansons 1
WED 10.12.03 more

WED 26.11.03 speaker  Kalo 1
WED 26.11.03 more

WED 19.11.03 speaker  Tarika efatra 7
WED 19.11.03 more

WED 12.11.03 speaker  Tarika efatra 6
WED 12.11.03 more

WED 05.11.03 speaker  Tarika efatra 5
WED 05.11.03 more

WED 29.10.03 speaker  WOMEX 2003
WED 29.10.03 more

WED 22.10.03 speaker  Na dia lavitra
WED 22.10.03 more

WED 15.10.03 speaker  Solaluna
WED 15.10.03 more

WED 08.10.03 speaker  Aza manadino
WED 08.10.03 more

WED 01.10.03 speaker  Fikambanandehilahy
WED 01.10.03 more

WED 24.09.03 speaker  Slows Kaiamba
WED 24.09.03 more

WED 17.09.03 speaker  Toliara mihisa
WED 17.09.03 more

WED 10.09.03 speaker  Fahatsiarovana an'i Vola
WED 10.09.03 more

WED 03.09.03 speaker  Tarika efatra 4
WED 03.09.03 more

WED 27.08.03 speaker  Concert: Sivy Mahasaky
WED 27.08.03 Recorded on 11 July @ CGM, Antananarivo

WED 20.08.03 speaker  Tarika efatra 3
WED 20.08.03 more

WED 06.08.03 speaker  2 Concerts recorded @ Hotel Glacier / Antananarivo
WED 06.08.03 Salala (10.9.2002) & Hery sy Lydia (12.9.2002)

WED 30.07.03 speaker  Tarika efatra 2
WED 30.07.03 more

WED 23.07.03 speaker  Hommage a Sylvestre Randafison
WED 23.07.03 more

WED 09.07.03 speaker  Tarika efatra 1
WED 09.07.03 more

WED 02.07.03 speaker  Feomanga
WED 02.07.03 more

WED 25.06.03 speaker  Tany Mamiko
WED 25.06.03 more

WED 18.06.03 speaker  Nouveautes 3
WED 18.06.03 more

WED 11.06.03 speaker  Ilay Fitia
WED 11.06.03 more

WED 28.05.03 speaker  Concert Jaojoby
WED 28.05.03 Recorded on 5th April 2003 @ Glacier / Antananarivo

WED 21.05.03 speaker  Ny any aminay
WED 21.05.03 more

WED 14.05.03 speaker  Concert: Din Rotsaka
WED 14.05.03 Recorded on 12th Sept 2002 @ Glacier / Madgascar

WED 07.05.03 speaker  Hiran' ny manina
WED 07.05.03 more

WED 30.04.03 speaker  Concert Jean Rigot
WED 30.04.03 Recorded on 10 April @ Glacier / Antananarivo

WED 23.04.03 speaker  Plaisir-nao Mbatro
WED 23.04.03 more

WED 16.04.03 speaker  Sovenira 2
WED 16.04.03 more

WED 09.04.03 speaker  Sivy Maharsaky
WED 09.04.03 Concert recorded on 9th Sept 2002 @ Hotel Glacier / Antananarivo

WED 02.04.03 speaker  Sovenira 1
WED 02.04.03 more

WED 26.03.03 speaker  Concert
WED 26.03.03 Jean Emilien (12th Sept 2002) & Jaojoby (10th Sept 2002) recorded @ Hotel Glacier / Antananarivo

WED 19.03.03 speaker  Benja Gasy
WED 19.03.03 Concert recorded on Aug 28th, 2002 @ Hotel Glacier / Antananarivo

WED 12.03.03 speaker  Nouveautés 2
WED 12.03.03 more

WED 19.02.03 speaker  Soymanga
WED 19.02.03 Concert recorded on 3 Sep 2002 @ Glacier / Antananarivo

WED 12.02.03 speaker  Ny Sakelidalana
WED 12.02.03 Concert recorded on 1 Sep 2002 @ Glacier / Antananarivo

WED 05.02.03 speaker  Spesialista
WED 05.02.03 Concert broadcasted & recorded on 10th Sep 2002 @ Glacier/Antananarivo (Ars Electronica/Radiotopia)

WED 29.01.03 speaker  Kalo 3
WED 29.01.03 more

WED 22.01.03 speaker  Kalo 2
WED 22.01.03 more

WED 15.01.03 speaker  Kalo 1
WED 15.01.03 more

WED 08.01.03 speaker  Efa Ela
WED 08.01.03 more

WED 01.01.03 speaker  Taom-baovao 2003
WED 01.01.03 more

WED 25.12.02 speaker  Noely 2002
WED 25.12.02 more

WED 18.12.02 speaker  Manimanina
WED 18.12.02 more

WED 04.12.02 speaker  Rotsirotsy
WED 04.12.02 more

WED 27.11.02 speaker  Fety diavolana
WED 27.11.02 more

WED 20.11.02 speaker  Andao Handihy
WED 20.11.02 more

WED 13.11.02 speaker  Antsam-panahy
WED 13.11.02 more

WED 06.11.02 speaker  Archive 2
WED 06.11.02 more

WED 30.10.02 speaker  xWOMEX 2002 - The World Music Expo
WED 30.10.02 more

WED 23.10.02 speaker  Archive 1
WED 23.10.02 more

WED 16.10.02 speaker  Nouveautés
WED 16.10.02 more

WED 02.10.02 speaker  Opening ceremony on 28 Sept at Antshow
WED 02.10.02 with Hanitra Rasoanaivo from Tarika and Ricky Olombelo at Espace Dera in Antananarvio

WED 18.09.02 speaker  Vazo Miteny 6
WED 18.09.02 more

WED 11.09.02 speaker  Vazo Miteny 5
WED 11.09.02 more

WED 04.09.02 speaker  Vazo Miteny 4
WED 04.09.02 more

WED 28.08.02 speaker  Vazo Miteny 3
WED 28.08.02 more

WED 21.08.02 speaker  Vazo Miteny 2
WED 21.08.02 more

WED 14.08.02 speaker  Androy
WED 14.08.02 more

WED 07.08.02 speaker  Vazo Miteny 1
WED 07.08.02 more

WED 31.07.02 speaker  Variétés 2
WED 31.07.02 more

WED 24.07.02 speaker  Variétés I
WED 24.07.02 more

WED 17.07.02 speaker  Amponga / drums
WED 17.07.02 more

WED 10.07.02 speaker  Accordion
WED 10.07.02 The accordion (gorodao), introduced in Madagascar since the first half of the 19th century, was once popular even in remote areas of the whole country. It is now rarely seen because it is difficult to get replacement parts in Madagascar and so the instruments wear out. The accordion is especially associated with tromba and bilo trance rituals. In this context it can facilitate communication with ancestors and spirits and induce people to dance.more

WED 03.07.02 speaker  Gitara
WED 03.07.02 Madagascar has many outstanding guitar players; some of them are well known in the world music scene of the Western world. Their style is, however, generally deeply rooted in local traditionsmore

WED 26.06.02 speaker  Ny tany nihaviana
WED 26.06.02 NY TANY NIHAVIANA. June 26th is the national day in Madagascar. Our program contains appropriate songs for this occasionmore

WED 19.06.02 speaker  Sodina
WED 19.06.02 Sodina is the common term used for flutes in Madagascar. Flutes of different sizes can be found in all regions of the island. They are played only by men and very often in ensembles with drums. Besides the sodina our program showcases some pieces from old Malagasy recordsmore

WED 12.06.02 speaker  Lokanga
WED 12.06.02 Lokanga is a term which includes string instruments of various kinds. They are found in the highlands and the south of Madagascar and derive from viols introduced by European sailors in the 16th and 17th centuriesmore

WED 05.06.02 speaker  Kabosy
WED 05.06.02 The kabosy is a guitar-like instrument with four strings (in most cases, but can have from 1 to 7 strings). It is often home-made by the musician himself. The kabosy is the most widespread instrument in Madagascarmore

WED 29.05.02 speaker  Valiha
WED 29.05.02 The Valiha, a bamboo zither, is called the national instrument of Madagascar. It was originally played in religious ceremonies. Today, the instrument is rather rare, except in the central highlands and the north of Madagascarmore

WED 22.05.02 speaker  Mozika ny Faritra Atsimo - Music from the South
WED 22.05.02 Our program features several new goups from the south of the island as well as an interview with Christian from the group Salalamore

WED 01.05.02 speaker  The 6 Provinces: Toliara
WED 01.05.02 more

WED 24.04.02 speaker  The 6 Provinces: Fianarantsoa
WED 24.04.02 Madagascar has six provinces, each with their own musical traditions, characteristic instruments and distinct rhythms. In Fianarantsoa a wide variety of styles and traditions can be encountered, because three musical style areas are embraced by this large province: the highlands, the east, and the southmore

WED 17.04.02 speaker  The 6 Provinces: Antananarivo
WED 17.04.02 Madagascar has six provinces, each with their own musical traditions, characteristic instruments and distinct rhythms. The music of the people of the central highlands was the most strongly influenced by European models. None the less, these were to a great extend absorbed into local culture, which led to the development of several hybrid forms. Contrary to the flourishing dance-music of the inhabitants of coastal districts, the music of the highlands is more vocally orientatedmore

WED 10.04.02 speaker  The 6 Provinces: Mahajanga
WED 10.04.02 Madagascar has six provinces, each with their own musical traditions, characteristic instruments and distinct rhythms. The variety of musical forms is especially great in the province of Mahajanga in the north-west of the island because of both the ethnic diversity of its people (including imigrants from the highlands and the southern regions), the connections with the nearby Comoro Islands and strong influences from Africa. Some of Madagascar's most popular dance rythms are associated with the Mahajanga province: the malesa, bawejy, kaoitry, antosy and watchamore

WED 03.04.02 speaker  The 6 Provinces: Toamasina
WED 03.04.02 Madagascar has six provinces, each with their own musical traditions, characteristic instruments and distinct rhythms. Toamasina, in the east of the island, encompasses a great diversity of musical styles. Western influence was strong as early as in the 19th century. Acculturated styles include musics to the accordion, an instrument which is popular even in remote areas. More indigenious in origin and style are musical genres with the valiha case-zither. The undisputed master of this instrument was Rakotozafy, who died some 15 years agomore

WED 27.03.02 speaker  The 6 Provinces: Antsiranana
WED 27.03.02 Madagascar has six provinces, each with their own musical traditions, characteristic instruments and distinct rhythms. Antsiranana, in the north of the island, is the birthplace of the salegy. Leading masters of this fast 6/8 dance rhythm include Jaojoby and salegy queen Ninie, as well as more localised musicians like Alain d'Andapa and Alain Sambava. Our program futher features traditional local music with strong Arabic influences and some fine examples of more Western oriented popular music, thus giving an impression of the wide diversity of styles found throughout the north of the Great Islandmore

WED 20.03.02 speaker  Rakotofrah
WED 20.03.02 Rakotofrah, the "flute master of Madagascar" died on September 29, 2001. He was enourmously popular on the island, considered a national figure and sent to many countries in order to represent Madagascar at cultural festivals. His picture appeared on the 1000 Francs note, until banknotes featuring a new design came into circulation some years ago. Our program showcases some highlights of his manifold musical activitiesmore

WED 13.03.02 speaker  Taona '60 - The 60-ies
WED 13.03.02 After the independence of Madagascar in 1960 the music of the island was much more concerned with its roots than it was before. Pioneers of this nationalist movement in music were Odeam Rakoto and the Trio ny Antsaly. The second part of the program presents some new releases of Malagasy music.more

WED 06.03.02 speaker  Lavitry ny tanindrazana
WED 06.03.02 Lavitry ny tanindrazana (Far from home) presents Malagasy songs which deal with the pains of people who have left their country. But one day they will return to their island in the Indian Ocean. The second part of the program presents modern Malagasy dance music.more

MON 24.12.01 speaker  Noely voaravaky ny hira taloha sy ankehitriny
MON 24.12.01 Noel avec des anciennes et nouvelles chansons (emission en langue malgache). Ancient & new Xmas songs from Madagascar (programme in Malagasy language)

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