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Couch Trips. Fine Tunes selected by Klaus (Dec, 18th 2002)

(1 hour in german)

Everybody Slides
12. Joanna Connor - Doctor Feelgood
Sky Ranch Rec. SR 3001-2

Mark-Almond I
1. The Ghetto
Line Records 9.21186-1

Brinsley Schwarz
3. Rock and Roll Woman
Repertoire Records REP 4421-WY

Way To Blue - An Introduction to Nick Drake
3. Way to Blue
13. Time has told me
Island Masters IMCD 196, 524 007-2

Kevin Coyne: Marjory Razorblade
9. House on the Hill
Virgin CDVM 2501

Real World Sampler
7. Joseph Arthur: Daddy's On Prozac
RealWorld RWSAM6

The Blind Boys of Alabama - Spirit of the Century
5. Give a Man a Home
RealWorld CDRW95

The Brothers & Sisters - Dylan's Gospel
1. The Times They Are A-Changin'
Ode Records NEMCD 404

Israel Kamakawiwo Ole - Facing Future
14. Somewhere over the rainbow/What a wonderfull world
Big Boy Records

Fellow Travellers - Thing And Time
1. Confusion
Okra OK CD 33020

Everybody Slides
4. Danny Gatton: Notcho Blues
8. Lenny Carlson with Ry Cooder: Mood Indigo
Sky Ranch Rec. SR 3001-2

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