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Ethno Pop and Crossover Music Papua New Guinea Style by Telek (Nov, 16th 2002)

CD. Album: Telek, "Serious Tam", CDR. W90/ LC 03098, Real World, 1999/2000; produced by Vic Coppersmith-Heaven and David Bridie.
Cut 1; Midal, trad./Telek
Cut 2; Bunaik, trad./Telek
Cut 3; To Pol, Comp Telek
Cut 4; Serious Tam, Comp Telek
Cut 5; Boystown, Comp Telek
Cut 6; Iamagit, trad/Comp Telek
Cut 7; Barturana, Comp Telek
Cut 8; Tolili, trad/Comp Telek
Cut 9; Balamaris, trad/Comp Telek
Cut 10; Go Ralom, Comp Telek
Cut 11; Tolili Kundu, Comp Telek
Cut 12; Waitpela Garas, Comp Low - Barike
Cut 13; Lili, trad/Comp Telek
Cut 14; Tutana Kuraip, Comp Telek
Cut 15; Talaigu, Comp Telek
Cut 16; Ririvon Comp Telek

Participating Musicians: George Telek (vocals, acoustic guitar, voice percussion); Ben Hakalitz (drums, garamut drums, kundu drums, shakers, stringband bass, backing vocals); Glen Low (bass, keyboards, backing vocals); David Bridie (keyboards, backing vocals, sounds); John Phillips (electric guitar, loops); Phil Wales (guitar); Greg Patten (kundu drums, ukulele).


The series "The Music of Oceania", the previous weekly program of Emap.FM Internet Radio, is now occasionally broadcast.
With music from Oceania, the program hosted and presented by Filip `Filami' Lamasisi aims to sensitize the rest of the world to the diverse music cultures and variety of musical genres, from traditional to contemporary in the region. Broadcast times are on Saturdays at 16:00 UTC, repetition on Mondays at 00:00 UTC and Wednesdays at 08:00 UTC.