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The Kaneka Music of New Caledonia (Nov, 23th 2002)

Source: CD compilation album; "Kaneka.The Kanak Music" of New Caledonia, OCA 0002-2, Oceania Records,2001.

Track Nr./Artist/Item/Composer:
>>tr.1.GULIANOD,"Nod ni bua" (F.Wahnuhnu), publ.by Studio Mangrove Editions MGV.
>>tr.2,OK!RYOS,"Acelina",(E.Wamejo), publ.by Studio Mangrove etc.
>>tr.3,EDOU,"Oleti",(E.Wama),publ.by Studio Mangrove etc.
>>tr.4,NODEAK,"Corilen",(P.Gope/C. Waya),publ.by Studio Mangrove etc.
>>tr.5.TIM,"We ca ca",(M.Sameke), publ.by Studio Mangrove etc.
>>tr.6,WAAN,"Proud to be Kanak,(P.Touyada/D.Tavouane),publ.by Studio Mangrove etc.
>>tr.7,BWANJEP,"Maxat",(R.Hakin), publ.by Studio Mangrove etc.
>>tr.8,VAMALEY,"Vibration",(I.-C. Couedoy/E.Dounezeck),publ.by Studio Mangrove etc.
>>tr.9,SEREDRIDR,"Coeala",(B.Uedre), publ. by Studio Mangrove etc.
>>tr.10,OK!RYOS,"Co era so", (E.Wamejo),publ.by Studio Mangrove etc.
>>tr.11,NODEAK,"Dure kaze", (H.Bearune/C.Waya),publ.by Studio Mangrove etc.
>>tr.12,GULIANDO,"Aca waruma",(M, Weneguei),publ.by Stdio Mangrove etc.


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