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Music of Oceania - presented by Filip 'Filami' Lamasisi
The new and current Music of Papua New Guinea and Oceania as a whole (Nov, 30th 2002)

Source: CD Album; Yothu Yindi- "Tribal Voice", 1992, Mushrooms Record, Australia, P/L TVD 93358/RMD 53358.

tr.1,"Gapu",Gumatj Clan song of NE.Arnhemland. (arr. G. Yupiningu)
tr.2. "Treaty" (M.-/G.Yupiningu, W.Marika, S.Kellaway, C.Williams, P.Kelly, G.Garret)
tr.3,"Djapana",-Sunset Dreaming, (M.Yupiningu)
tr.4,"My Kind of Life", (M.Yupiningu)
tr.5."Dhum Dhum",-Bush Waallaby, (W.Marika)
tr.6,"Tribal Voice",(M.Yunipingu)
tr.8,"Dharpa"-Tree,(M.Yunipingu, S.Kellaway)
tr.10,"Yinidjapana"-Dolphin,(W. Marika)
tr.11,"Majjala"-Driftwood,(M.-& G. Yupiningu, W.Marika, S.Kellaway)
tr.15,"Treaty"-Radio-Mix Version
tr.16,"Djapana"-Radio-Mix Version


The series "The Music of Oceania", the previous weekly program of Emap.FM Internet Radio, is now occasionally broadcast.
With music from Oceania, the program hosted and presented by Filip `Filami' Lamasisi aims to sensitize the rest of the world to the diverse music cultures and variety of musical genres, from traditional to contemporary in the region. Broadcast times are on Saturdays at 16:00 UTC, repetition on Mondays at 00:00 UTC and Wednesdays at 08:00 UTC.