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Music of Oceania - presented by Filip 'Filami' Lamasisi
"TE VAKA"- A Polynesian Folk Roots Music Band (Dec, 7th 2002)

Music Material Source:
CD Album; "KI MUA" - TE VAKA; Spirit of Play Productions LTD 1999.

tr.1,"Ki Mua"(to the future)
tr.2,"Lua Afe"(2,000)
tr.3,"Ke Ke Kitea"(so you can see)
tr.4,"Pate Pate"(Log Drum)
tr.5,"Hea La Koe Iei",(Take that)
tr.6,"Pate Me Tou Agaga",(Log drums for your soul)
tr.7,"Vaka Atua",(Missioaries)
tr.8,"Tagaloa",(God of old Polynesia)
tr.9,"Kaleve",(Coconut Honey)
tr.10,"Sagalogalo Ake",(Lost it all)
tr.11,"Aue Kapaku",(You're going to fall)
tr.12,"Kau Tufuga Fai Vaka", (Master Voyages)
All songs written by OPETAIA FOA'I with the exeption of Pate Pate which was written by Opetaia Foa'i and Malcolm Smith.


The series "The Music of Oceania", the previous weekly program of Emap.FM Internet Radio, is now occasionally broadcast.
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