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Music of Oceania - presented by Filip 'Filami' Lamasisi
The Current Global Trend Music from the Pacific (Jan, 4th 2003)

1.CD.tr.1,TONY C,"Pohutukawa",(HAWAII), (Anthony Conjugation/ Gardner Cole), publ.by The Mountain Apple Company
2.CD,tr.2,BLACK ROSE,"Raude",(FIJI Isands) (Trad./James Ratusila/ arr.David Le Roy), (publ.by Studio Mangrove Editions MGV
3.CD.tr.3,FENUA,"E Vahine Maohi E" (FRENCH POLYNESIA), (Guy Laurens/ Regis Decatillon), publ.byUniversal Publishing
4.CD.tr.4,D.I.G.,"Upside", (AUSTRALIA), (Directions In Groove),publ. by Universal Publishing Austalia
5.CD.tr.6,POIN MOU DJA,"Na Ourouin", (NEW CALEDONIA), (Gerald Naaoutchoue), publ.by Studio MangroveEditions MGV
6.MC.B/1"Melanesia", (PAPUA NEW GUINEA), (O-Shen), re.details above.
7.CD,tr.8,TOXIE, "Pesekaba" (SOLOMON Islands), (Trad./Toxie Polyn/ arr.David Le Roy), publ.by Studio Mangrove Editions MGV
8.CD,tr.7,EDOU, "En Vain" (NEW CALEDONIA), (Edouard Wamai), publ.by Studio Mangrove Editions MGV
9.CD.tr.10,TIM, "Waipeipegu", (NEW CALEDONIA), (Dick Buama), publ.by Studio Mangrove etc
10.CD.tr.5.ELECTRO MANA, "White Nose Point", (FRENCH POLYNESIA), (Daniel Masson/Daniel Kapelian),Jungle Line /Kaptive
11.CD.tr.12, TRIBAN KLAN, "Wenekuka" (NEW CALEDONIA), (Jean Mark Ventoume), publ.by Studio Mangroveetc.
12.CD.tr.11,O-SHEN, "Honolulu", (HAWAII), (Oshen Aka "jason Hersey"/ Carlos Villalobos),publ.by Sortafish Music/ASCAP
13.CD.tr.9,ENZO, "House 128", (FRENCH POLYNESIA), (Teiki Villant/ Lorenzo Schmidt), p.ICA.

Source of Music:
1.Compilation CD. 'Pure Groove'- Pacific Origion by Oceania Records 2001.
2.MC. O-SHEN, Island Warriors, distr. by Chin H Meen & Sons Ltd, Papua New Gunea, CHM1377,2001.


The series "The Music of Oceania", the previous weekly program of Emap.FM Internet Radio, is now occasionally broadcast.
With music from Oceania, the program hosted and presented by Filip `Filami' Lamasisi aims to sensitize the rest of the world to the diverse music cultures and variety of musical genres, from traditional to contemporary in the region. Broadcast times are on Saturdays at 16:00 UTC, repetition on Mondays at 00:00 UTC and Wednesdays at 08:00 UTC.