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The Contemporary and Current Music Styles of Fiji (Mar, 22th 2003)

1. MC/B ,Tr.17.,"Isa Lei",by The Castaway Islanders(Fiji)*
2. CD.Tr.19., "Mo ni vosa mai" (Please Lord Speak), by Sobeto Methodist Church Choir,Viti Levu
3. MC/B, Tr.2.,"Nabu ko drau a solia", by The Castaway Islanders*
4. CD, Tr.15.,"Ma nono viki" (My home..), by Kabu Konua Gp.
5. MC/A, Tr.1.,"Chulu Chulu", by The Castaway Islanders*
6. MC/A, Tr.2.,"Bula Laie", by The Castaway Islanders*
7. MC/A, Tr.3.,"Sa Seqavu", by The Castaway Islanders*
8. MC/A, Tr.5.,Noqu kora", by The Castaway Islanders*
9. MC/A, Tr.6.,"Nabula vulagi", by The Castaway Islanders*
10. MC/B, Tr.1.,"Mai tai", by The Castaway Islanders*
11. MC/A, Tr.4.,"Aroha mai", by The Castaway Islanders*
12. MC/B, Tr.6.,"Hanohano",by The Castaway Islanders*
13. CD. Tr.17.,"Bula Rock"(Hullo), by the Burekavou Entertainment Group from Lami village
14. CD. Tr.18.,"Sa tala drödrö" (The going forth), by Koula Drokadroka Stringband,Suva
Extra Tracks to Play List: Nr.16; tr.15., "Ma nono riki Lemadu Rara"(My village Lemadu Rara),by KKC Group, rec.11.10.1990
Nr.17; tr.24.,"Isa Lei"(Farewell), by KKC Group, rec.30.08.1996.
15. CD2, "Pure Groove-Pacific Origion",OCA 0012-2, Oceania Records 2001,Paris: Tr.2.,"Raude"(Trad.),by BLACK ROSE
Extra Music Items:
16. MC/B, Tr.3,"Ni sa bula",by The Castaway Islanders*
17. MC/B, Tr.4,"Bulumakau"(Bull and cow),by The Castaway Islanders
18. CD3,"HORIZONS-Where the sea meets the sky",(A Plynesian Revue recorded Live on stage), 1997 Polynesian Cultural Center Production: The Fiji Perormance Troupe
Tr.18, "Fiji Intro......
Tr.19, "Sa Qai Lose Oti Na Yaqona"(Kava Ceremonial Song)
Tr.20, "Vakarongo Noda Turaga"*
Tr.21, "Raude"(Trad.)..
Tr.22, "OI Auna Gone Ni Wasa Liwa"*
Tr.23, "Bula Laie"*

(*English Translation not given)

Source of Music:
1.M/Cassette; "Stardust Memories" by The Castaway Islanders(Fiji), TC HLS-32, 1971 KIWI/PACIFIC Records Ltd, Wellington, NZ.
2.CD:"VITI LEVU-The multi-cultural heart of Fiji",PAN 2096CD, 2000 PARADOX PAN Records, Leiden, Netherlands.


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