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A Music and Dance Revue by the Polynesian Cultural Center of Hawaii (Apr, 5th 2003)

"Horizons - Where the sea meets the sky" - titles the recent and most spectacular evening performance of music and dance organized by the Polynesian Cultural Center of Hawaii. Somewhat different, I shall present in this program a full and compact show by the mentioned Institution which they released as a CD-Album with the title, once again "Horizons - Where the sea meets the sky". As expressed in the liner notes, "Horizons" shares the grace, beauty and heritage of HawaiŽi, Tonga, Aotearoa or NZ, Tahiti, Samoa and Fiji, whose performances make up such cultural shows.
Since the show is commented on by the participants throughout, I do not have to specify any additional details, but for the individual articles you can refer to the song list by clicking on "More" in the archive. Otherwise, enjoy listening, sit back and enjoy the music and sounds of Polynesia.

Track 1-17: Hawaii, Tonga, Maori (NZ)....

The Polynesian Cultural Center of Hawaii, which host such shows, is established by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to uphold and preserve the cultural heritage of Polynesia and to provide educational opportunities for students attending the adjoining Brigham Young University - Hawaiian Campus. Students, this college visit, can a training available and similar culture with other share. On the premises of the Cultural Center, students also participate as guides of different localities replicating the indigenous traditions and cultural backgrounds of the different Polynesian islands, and also participate as musicians, dancers, demonstrators and as service personal.

Track 18-36: Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa. ...

Having heard the presentation in this show I take it that you have been able to distinguish between the music of the different Polynesian islands.
Once again refer to Archive for the Songlist.

Thank you so much then for your time and attention and until next time take care and goodbye for now from me, Filip 'Filami' Lamasisi.


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