Happy Chinese New Year! - presented by Chang, Yea-Tyng
Traditional popular Chinese new year's Music in Taiwan and China (22.01.2004)

1. "Guo Xin-Nien" (To spend the new year!)
2. "Bai Nien" (New year's Greeting!), Performed by Huang, Hsiao-Jun and Li, Yi
3. "Xin-Nien Le" (Joy of the new year!)
4. "Ying Xin-Nien" (Wellcome the new year!), Performed by Huang, Hsiao-Jun
5. "Ying Ch’un Jie Fu" (Wellcome the spring and the Happiness)
6. "Gong-Xi Gong-Xi Ni" (Wish you good luck!), Performed by Huang, Hsiao-Jun
7. "Gong-Xi Gong-Xi" (Good luck!), Performed by Tien-Nyo
8. "Xi Qi Yang Yang" (Full of Joy)
9. "He Xin-Nien" (New year's Greeting!), Performed by Chen, Shuo-Chen
10. "Zai Shen Dao" (The God of money is coming!), Performed by Liu, Wun-Cheng
11. "Zhao Zai Jin Bao" (Wellcome the riches!), Performed by Chen, Li-Li
12. "Ying Ch’un Hua" (Wellcome the flower in spring!)
13. "Da Di Hue Ch’un" (The spring is coming!), Performed by Huang, Hsiao-Jun
14. "Ch’un Fen Wun Shang Wuo De Lien" (The Wind of spring is kissing my face!), Performed by Huang, Hsiao-Jun
15. "Chu Yi Dao Shi Wu" (From the 1st day to the 15th day of the new year), performed by Chang, Li-Min
16. “Ch’un Jiang Hua Yue Yie” (Spring On A Moonlit River) , Performed by Chinese Music Ensemble..

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