Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Kim Duk Soo: Nanjang - A New Horizon
presented by Peter Duffy (25 August 2002)

"I thought if something wasn’t done to dress our traditional arts in new clothes, they were going to disappear." – Kim Duk Soo. Since creating the samullori percussion form in 1978, Kim Duk Soo has gone on to become one of the most popular traditional Korean musicians, both within the country and internationally. This is a presentation of his 1995 album "Nanjang: A New Horizon" which combines traditional rhythms and songs with western instruments and concepts.

1. Rabbit Story
2. Things Change
3. One Step to Never
4. Meditation
5. Arirang
6. Celebration
7. Water Drops
8. Mother Child
9. Sinawi
"Nanjang: A New Horizon" (1995). Nanjang Music Ltd., Korea. TE 012-02, T Entertainment