Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Sijo Lyrical Songs performed by Park In-gyu
presented by Peter Duffy (8 September 2002)

"His sound is like comfort imbued with the natural beauties of old houses which are covered with moss." – Kim Kyeong-bae (Important Intangible Cultural Asset #30). A sijo is a lyrical song from the court music tradition which uses classical Korean poetry as its text. This is a selection of sijo performed by master singer Park In-gyu.

Sijo Performances by Park In-gyu
1. Hansansam
2. Cheongsaneun
3. Eowhacheongchun
4. Sesang'gongpyeong
5. Dalbalggo
6. Pureunsanjung
7. Gireu'gi
8. Nabiya
9. Seok'ini
10. Pureunsanjungha'e
Sijo (Korean Classical Lyrical Song) sung by Park In-gyu (collection #1), 2002
TOPCD-049, JIGU, Seoul, Korea