Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Piri Performances by Kim Won-son
presented by Peter Duffy (15 September 2002)

Excerpts from a concert recorded in 1998 at the National Concert Hall in Seoul. This concert features the piri performances of Kim Won-son, who is a professor at Cheon-buk University in Korea. The piri is a small Korean oboe made of bamboo and this concert includes a sanjo, Buddhist themes, and a piri trio.

Piri Performances by Kin Won-Son
1. Piri Sanjo (Park Pom-hun)
2. Haewon (Han Sang-il)
3. Ch'umul wihan Menari (Park Pom-hun)
Piri Performances, Kim Won-Son, 1999
TOPCD-020, JIGU, Seoul, Korea