Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Kayagum Performances by Yi Jiyoung
presented by Peter Duffy (6 October 2002)

"I think the most enchanting aspect of Kayagam is that I play the natural silk strings directly with my fingertips, and when my hands play on the instrument, my personality, my physical nature and even my mood of the day immediately appear in tones." - Yi Jiyoung. As head of the Korea Contemporary Music Ensemble and professor at Yongin University near Seoul, Yi Jiyoung promotes both traditional expression and the study of modernity. These live performance excerpts from spring 1998 represent the music of an up-and-coming generation of Korean musicians.

1. Boheosa
2. Jan-dodeuri
"Art World of Yi Jiyoung's Kayagum", TOPCD-032, JIGU, Seoul, Korea