Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: A Serving of Two Masters: Chong Jae-guk and Kim Myeong-shin
presented by Peter Duffy (13 October 2002)

Chong Jae-guk is a professor at the National University of the Arts in Seoul and he specialises in piri music from the court tradition. On the program, he plays the piece Yuchosinjigok, which is a version of the popular court music piece Pyongjo Hwaesang. Kim Myeong-shin was a well-known kayagum player in the early 1970's whose final public performance came in her early twenties. This program includes a sanjo from the school of Kim Yun-dok and represents one of the very few of her recordings in existence.

1. Yuch'oshinjigok
"Chong Jae-Guk p'iri chong-ak", TOPCD-010, JIGU, Seoul, Korea
2. Kim Yun-Deok ryu
"Two Kayagum Sanjo by Kim Myeong-Shin", TOPCD-048, JIGU, Seoul, Korea