Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Kayagum Performances by Ko Yeon-Jeong
presented by Peter Duffy (3 Nov 2002)

Ko Yeon-Jeong was born in the charming coastal town of Masan and completed her kayagum studies in Pusan ​​on the south coast of Korea. She is currently playing with a number of ensembles, including the performance orchestra of the National Center for Traditional Korean Performing Arts in Seoul. This is a presentation of their debut CD released in 2002. Ko Yeon-Jeong plays two contemporary pieces for 25-string kayagum and a sanjo piece from the school of Kim Cheong-Man.

1. Variations on Baetnorae for 25-string Kayagum (Whang Eui-Jong)
2. Meditation on the Flame (Yi Hae-Sik)
3. Kang Tae-Hong ryu Kayagum Sanjo
"The First Kayagum Solo Performance by Ko Yeon-Jeong"
TOPCD-052, JIGU, Seoul, Korea