Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Contemporary Compositions
presented by Peter Duffy (17 Nov 2002)

"Mix the different traditions to create a new mainstream that integrates all musical concepts and practices across a broad spectrum, broadening the musical currents, but also making sure each culture has its own uniqueness, its own poetry reserves." -
Chou Wen-chung. Many contemporary compositions in Korea show Western influences and yet express the basic spirit of traditional Korean music. This reflects the reality of modern Korean society as it discovers a new cultural balance between the growing cultural invasions of the West. This program features works by various contemporary Korean composers whose pieces often combine Korean and Western instruments and musical practices in Syzygy.

1. Sangju Hamchang Variation (Kim Young-jae)
"Kim Nam Soon's Kayagum" (1999) SRCD-1484, Seoul Records Inc., Korea
2. Recollection (Yi Byong-wuk)
"Tungji Umak", TOPCD-016, Seoul, Korea
3. Sunset (Kim Won-son)
4. Affection (O Hyok)
"Kim Won-son Piri Solo", TOPCD-020, Seoul, Korea
5. The Great Absolute (Kim Seok Chul)
"Final Say", SCO-121CSS, E&E Media, Samsung Entertainment Group, Korea