Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Kayagum Sanjo
presented by Peter Duffy (1 Dec 2002)

The sanjo is a technically brilliant solo instrumental music form which developed in the late 19th century. It originated in folk music practices of the southern region of Korea. As instrumental masters experimented with the sanjo music form, they created their own schools or styles of sanjo which were passed down from teacher to student. This presentation includes performances of kayagum sanjo by Kim Nam Soon, Kim Myeong-shin, and Yi Eun-ki.

1. Kim Byung-ho Ryu
"Kim Nam Soon's Kayagum", SRCD-1484, Seoul Records Inc., Korea
2. Seong Byeong-ryeon Ryu
"Two Kayagum Sanjo Performances by Kim Myeong-shin", TOPCD-048, JIGU Records, Seoul
3. Choi Ok-san & Ham Dong-jeong-weol Ryu
"Tungji Umak", TOPCD-016, JIGU Records, Seoul
4. Kayagum Sanjo
"Korean Traditional Music II", SRCD-7526, The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts