Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Buddhist Music
presented by Peter Duffy (26 Jan 2003)

Buddhism was first brought to Korea in the 4th century and occupied a fundamental position in society for about 1000 years. Buddhist ceremonies and festivals were bright lavish occasions which developed elaborate rituals of music and dance. Since the 14th century, official recognition of Buddhism has declined but Buddhist thought remains deeply embedded in Korean culture. This presentation includes a folk song and a court music piece which were both derived from Buddhist music and a Buddhist ceremony recorded in 1988 at Song Kwang Temple.

1. Sutra
2. Song of Release
3. Sangryungsan
"Chong Jae-Guk: Piri Chong-ak", TOPCD-010, Jigu Records, Seoul
4. Drum of Law
5. Wooden Fish
6. Temple Gong
7. Temple Bell
8. Prayer of Worship
9. Prayer of Wishes
10. Prajnaparamita Sutra
"Buddhist Meditation Music of Korea", Kim Young-Dong and the members of Song Kwang Temple Monastery, SOEC-040, Seoul Records