Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Contemporary Compositions II
presented by Peter Duffy (2 Feb 2003)

Compositions that emerge from contemporary Korean music culture contain a multitude of sounds and rhythms that reflect a profoundly complex social maze of urban curiosities. This presentation features works by a great collection of composers and musicians, including Kim Suk Chul, Kim Nam Soon, Kim Won-Son, Hyo-shin Na, and Hwang Byungki.

1. East Sea in Winter (Kim Suk Chul)
"Kim Suk Chul: Final Say", SCO-121CSS, E&E Media, Seoul
2. A Riverside Village (Hwang Eui-Jong)
"Kim Nam Soon's Kayagum", SRCD-1484, Seoul Records
3. Haewon (Han Sang-Il)
"Kim Won-Son: Piri Performances (Live)", TOPCD-020, Jigu Records, Seoul
4. Chung-Ji-Hyang (Hyo-shin Na)
"Blue Yellow River", TOPCD-044, Jigu Records, Seoul
5. Soyop Sanbang (Hwang Byungki)
"Spring Snow: Hwang Byungki Kayagum Masterpieces (Volume 4)", CNLR-0106-2, C&L Music Inc., Korea