Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Three Eyes of Pansori
presented by Peter Duffy (23 Feb 2003)

Pansori is an epic narrative song form unique to Korean music culture. The "eye" of a pansori work refers to the musical highlight, the section of the story involving the greatest drama and emotion. These sections are acknowledged to be the most musically complex and technically demanding sections of the pansori work. This program features the eyes from three popular pansori works: Song of Heungbo, Song of Chunhyang, and The Underwater Kingdom.

1. Eye from "Song of Heungbo"
2. Eye from "Song of Chunhyang"
3. Eye from "The Underwater Kingdom"
"The Five Nun of Pansori", CDD-013, 1994, The Deep-Rooted Tree Publishing House, Seoul, Korea