Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Traditional Korean Wind Instruments
presented by Peter Duffy (2 March 2003)

Korean music culture has cultivated a diverse collection of traditional wind instruments, some which have been brought to Korea on the cultural breeze blowing over from China. Most instruments are used in both court music and folk music and include solo pieces and orchestral ensembles. This presentation features traditional works for piri, daegum, danso, and taepyongso.

1. Daegum Sanjo
"Anthology of Traditional Korean Music", S.E.L. 15-5, Sung Eum Record Co., Seoul
2. Chungnyungsan
"Chong Jae-Guk: Piri Chongak", TOPCD-010, Jigu Records, Seoul
3. Universal Heart and None at All (Sanjo), "Kim Suk Chul: Final Say", SCO-121CSS, Samsung Entertainment Group, Seoul
4. Cheongseonggok
"An Invitation to Korean Music", SBCD-4439, Seoul Records Inc., Seoul
5. Harim Castle (Hwang Byungki)
"Spring Snow", CNLR-0106-2, C&L Music Inc., Seoul
6. Changbu Taryong I & II, Banga Taryong, Ibyulga (Song of Farewell)
"The Piri Pungryun of Choe Kyeong-Man", TOPCD-045, Jigu Records, Seoul