Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Yellow River Blue
presented by Peter Duffy (16 March 2003)

"Boheosa is one of the most representative classical pieces with which we can touch the refined magnificence of Confucianism." - Hwang Byungki. The piece Boheosa, also known as Hwanghachong (Yellow River Blue), is said to evoke such a peaceful time Even the Yellow River would turn blue. This work was adapted from a vocal piece that was shipped from China to Korea during the year The Koryo Dynasty (918-1392) and Boheosa is the version that was developed for stringed instruments. This piece shows the kayagum and the komungo, two well-known traditional instruments, as well as the mystical sounds of the Yanggum, a metallic Korean version of the dulcimer.

1. Boheosa (traditional arrangement)
"Selections of Korean Classical Music", 1982, Jigu Records, Seoul
2. Boheosa (kayagum/daegum)
"Art World of Yi Jiyoung's Kayagum", TOPCD-032, Jigu Records, Seoul