Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: The Music of Shaman Rituals
presented by Peter Duffy (30 March 2003)

"When local shamans sing Changbu-Taryong, it's so exciting that they change the text and time so they're different every time." - Hwang Byungki. The music of the shaman rituals is powered by great percussion instruments in combination with various melodic instruments, and the audience may feel the urge to dance in their rooms and sing the spirit of the ancestors. Shamanism is still practiced in modern Korean society, and the musical works perform important functions in ritualistic ceremonies. This presentation shows a series of pieces from the world of shamans, including songs and instrumental pieces.

1. Sinawi
2. Four shaman songs (east coast, Seoul, Northwest region, northwest region)
3. Changbu-Taryong & Norae-Karak
"Kyonggi Sori Performed by Chon Tae-Yong", TOPCD-031, JIGU Records, Seoul
4. Sinawi
"An Invitation to Korean Music", SBCD-4439, Seoul Records Inc., Korea
5. Kyonggi Sinawi
"Kyonggi Sori Performed by Chon Tae-Yong", TOPCD-031, JIGU Records, Seoul
6. Daegum Sanjo
"Anthology of Korean Traditional Music", Song Eum Record Co., Seoul
7. Komungo Sanjo
"Selections of Korean Music", JIGU Records, Seoul