Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Kim Young-Im Performs Hoishimgok
presented by Peter Duffy (27 April 2003)

"Kim Young-Im's performance of Hoishimgok captivates us while giving the profound feeling of an old tree". The song Hoishimgok (Song of Release) was originally a Buddhist chant which gradually became secularized and adopted into Korea's folk music culture. In 1974 Kim Young-Im recorded the piece Hoishimgok and immediately became one of Korea's most treasured vocalists at the age of 21. Her sound echoes the voices of past generations, affirming the values of traditional society. This presentation features a complete performance of Hoishimgok and an excerpt from the shaman song Daegam-Nori.

1. Hoishimgok (Part 1)
2. Hoishimgok (Part 2)
3. Daegam-Nori
"Kim Young-Im's Shim", CTKE-0738,CD TOUCH Co., Seoul