Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: A Selection of Kayagum Pieces
presented by Peter Duffy (11 May 2003)

Kayagum is one of the most popular instruments in Korea and dates back to the 6th century. Traditionally, the Kayagum has been designed with 12 strings, but modern versions of the instrument can hold up to 25 strings. This presentation includes a collection of contrasting pieces, including a number of contemporary compositions that illustrate some of the modern performance techniques that have recently been developed in Korean music culture.

1. Sae-Taryong (Bird Melody) - Kayagum byong-chang. "Selections of Korean Music", Jigu Records, Seoul
2. Sae-Taryong (Bird Melody) - Kayagum solo. "Korean Traditional Music", YDGC-2005, KBS Media, Seoul
3. Boat Song Variations (Hwang Eui-Jong). "The First Kayagum Solo Performance by Ko Yeon-Jeong", TOPCD-052, Jigu Records, Seoul, South Korea
4. Ryu for 22-stringed Kayagum (Kim Young-Jae). "Kim Nam Soon's Kayagum", 1999, SRCD-1484, Seoul Records Inc., Seoul
5. Sounds of the Night (Hwang Byungki). "Kayagum Masterpieces Volume 4: Spring Snow", 2001, CNLR 0106-2, C&L Music Inc., Seoul, South Korea
6. Kayagum Sanjo. "Selections of Korean Music", Jigu Records, Seoul