Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Four Selections of Court Music
presented by Peter Duffy (18 May 2003)

The Korean court music collection displays many of the many influences that have shaped the nation and embodies some of them more charming and deeper elements of culture. Some of the pieces trace their heritage for over a thousand years, originating during the first dynasties in Korea. This presentation includes four musical works, including an instrumental piece from a Buddhist song and an ensemble from an ancient Chinese song.

1. Boheosa (1st movement). "Selections of Korean Classical Music", 1982, Jigu Records, Seoul
2. Yomillak (3rd movement). "Yomillak", 1983, Jigu Records, Seoul
3. Sangnyongsan. "Chong Jae-Guk: Piri Chongak", TOPCD-010, Jigu Records, Seoul
4. Chuita. "Art World of Yi Jiyoung's Kayagum", TOPCD-032, Jigu Records, Seoul