Korea - Land of the Morning Calm: Five Gems of Korean Music
presented by Peter Duffy (25 May 2003)

The contemporary music culture in Korea is a splendid mixture of tradition and experimentation as musicians and composers explore new ways to express the nation's soul. Some musicians strictly adhere to traditional practices while others offer modern versions of traditional sounds. This presentation features a selection of five musical treats from Korea which show the diversity of ideas present in the nation's contemporary music culture.

1. Daegam-Nori. "Kim Young-Im's Shim", CTKE-0738, Super Star Record, Seoul
2. To Fly. "Kim Seok Chul: Final Say", SCO-121CSS, E&E Media, Seoul
3. Rabbit Story. "Kim Duk Soo's Nanjang: A New Horizon", TE 012-02, Nanjang Music Ltd., Seoul
4. Southern Fantasy. "Hwang Byungki: Kayagum Masterpieces (Volume 4)", CNLR-0106-2, C&L Music Inc., Seoul
5. Jan-Dodeuri. "Art World of Yi Jiyoung's Kayagum", TOPCD-032, Jigu Records, Seoul