Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
Lavitry ny tanindrazana (Mar, 6th 2002)

Lavitry ny tanindrazana (Far from home) presents Malagasy songs which deal with the pains of people who have left their country. But one day they will return to their island in the Indian Ocean. The second part of the program presents modern Malagasy dance music.


"Ilay tany niaviako" (Feo Gasy)
"Handranto aho" (Ny Sakelidalana)
"Holy raho" (Tiharea)
"Manina" (Thiera Bruno)
"Hody" (Bodo)
"Gasikara" (Mily Clement)
"Veloma ry Tulear" (Angeline)
"Fiainan' Antananarivo" (Dama)
"Mamy ny mody" (Ramaroson Wilson)
"Gasikara" (Senge)
"Sanadera" (Jean Rigo)
"Dongany" (Dr J.B. et les Jaguar II)
"Malemilemy" (Jaojoby)
"Ny lanitra mangamanga" (Salala)


Feo Gasy: Polyphonies Malgaches. Les Nuits Atypiques (France)
Ny Sakelidalana: Azafady Sakelidalana o!. Mars (Madagascar)
Tiharea: Tiharea. Zimbraz (Netherlands) MWCD 3020
Thiera Bruno. Discomad (Madagascar) 466 673
Bodo: Sombinaiko. Mars (Madagascar)
Mily Clement: Banja Malalaka. Playasound (France) PS 65137
Angeline: Madagascar mon Ile. Playa Sound (France) LPP216
Dama: Mélodies de Madagascar/Melodies from Madagascar. Playa Sound (France) PS 65124
Ramaroson Wilson: Madagascar: chansons éternelles, vol.2. Playa Sound (France) MA 90 003
Senge: Arembelo. Mars (Madagascar)
Jean Rigo: Sanadera. Mars (Madagascar)
Dr J.B. et les Jaguar II de Nosy-be: Donia ŕ Nosy-be. Mars (Madagascar) 3M07
Jaojoby: E Tiako. Indigo (France) LBLC 2533
Salala: Salala. Cobalt/Melodie (France) 09-269-2)

FANDAHARANA BAOBAB - Emap.FM's weekly program with Malagasy music, presented by Thiera Bruno and Sheila. Our goals are to present the diversity and creativity of Malagasy music making, to give consideration to all regions, to great stars as well as more localised musicians, contemporary and oldies, innovative and traditional. Every Wednesday at 16:00 UTC - Universal Time (France: 17:00 Summertime, 18:00 Wintertime; Madagascar: 19:00). Replay Friday at 0:00 (UTC) and Sunday at 8:00 (UTC)

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