Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
Taona ’60 – The 60-ies (Mar, 13th 2002)

After the independence of Madagascar in 1960 the music of the island was much more concerned with its roots than it was before. Pioneers of this nationalist movement in music were Odeam Rakoto and the Trio ny Antsaly. The second part of the program presents some new releases of Malagasy music.


"Côte Est" (Ensemble Odeam Rakoto)
"Rakoto Matelo" (Ny Railovy)
"Nahoana" (Ny Voanio)
"Misy farany" (Naly Rakotofiringa)
"Benoro" (Chanteurs et chanteuses Betsimisaraka)
"Tia karahoaka" (Trio ny Antsaly)
"Ny lambanao mikopakopaka" (Henri Ratsimbazafy)
"Soa ny manandroa" (Raindimby)
"Avy fanôrolahy" (Bilo)
"Revy sy ditra" (Naboah)
"Avia mona" (Terakaly)
"Betina" (Feon'ala)
"Leo" (Samoëla)


Chants et danses de Madagascar. Le Chant du Monde (France) LDX 74456
Ny Railovy: Lanitr'i Gasikara. Ny Railovy (Madagascar)
Ny Voanio. Discomad (Madagascar) 466 080
Noelson & Denise chantent Naly Rakotofiringa. Mars (Madagascar)
Chants de Madagascar. Commission Nationale Malagasy pour l'UNESCO
(France), MAD I
Trio ny Antsaly. Philips 432.539
Henri Ratsimbazafy: 35 Ans Dejŕ. Mars (Madagascar) MA 1005
Raindimby. Mars (Madagascar) MA 90015 K
Bilo: Avy fanôrolahy. Mars Madagascar)
Naboah: Manala azy. Groove Prod' (Madagascar)
Terakaly: Avia mona. Mars (Madagascar)
Feon'ala: Betina. Mars (Madagascar)
Samoëla: Efa sy dimy. Mars (Madagascar)

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