Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
Rakotofrah (Mar, 20th 2002)

Rakotofrah, the "flute master of Madagascar" died on September 29, 2001. He was enourmously popular on the island, considered a national figure and sent to many countries in order to represent Madagascar at cultural festivals. His picture appeared on the 1000 Francs note, until banknotes featuring a new design came into circulation some years ago. Our program showcases some highlights of his manifold musical activities.


(1) "Raha mbola hijanona ianao" (Rakotofrah)
(2) "Viavy Raozy" (Tarika Rakotofrah)
(3) "Tena marina tokoa" (Feo-Gasy)
(4) "Zovy" (Feo-Gasy)
(5) "Raha maty aho" (Feo-Gasy)
(6) "Ravaly" (Feo-Gasy)
(7) "Arotsay dieny izao" (Feo-Gasy)
(8) "Hitondray tsikitsiky" (Rossy & Rakotofrah)
(9) "Voahangy" (Rakotofrah & Justin Vali & Eric Manana & Nawal Mlanao)
(10) "The Rakoto Frah Two-Step" (David Lindley & Henry Kaiser & Rakotofrah)
(11) "Voahirana an-drano maria" / "Izy efa bavy" (Tarika Rakotofrah)
(12) "Ambohimanga" (Tarika Rakotofrah)
(13) "Mangina mangina" (Rakotofrah)


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