Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
The 6 Provinces: Antsiranana (Mar, 27th 2002)

Madagascar has six provinces, each with their own musical traditions, characteristic instruments and distinct rhythms. Antsiranana, in the north of the island, is the birthplace of the salegy. Leading masters of this fast 6/8 dance rhythm include Jaojoby and salegy queen Ninie, as well as more localised musicians like Alain d'Andapa and Alain Sambava. Our program futher features traditional local music with strong Arabic influences and some fine examples of more Western oriented popular music, thus giving an impression of the wide diversity of styles found throughout the north of the Great Island.


(1) "Ravo" (Fenoamby)
(2) "Oah vale" (Barth)
(3) "Aza mamaraha" (Roger George)
(4) "Sarotra" (Les Smokers)
(5) "Mbola tsara arô" (Akon'ny Sambirano)
(6) "Malakilaky anarô" (Dedesse)
(7) "Garasiza" (Musicians of Mahabo, Nosy Faly)
(8) "Salegy jazzy" (Ninie Doniah)
(9) "Maharavoravo" (Alain d'Andapa)
(10) "Sambava magnitry" (Alain Sambava)
(11) "Batrelaka" (Feon'ala)
(12) "Malemilemy" (Jaojoby)


(1) Fenoamby: Ravo. Cobalt (France) 09276-2
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(3,4) Les maîtres du Salegy de Madagascar. Pied Rouge (France) MAD 4101
(5) Akon'ny Sambirano. Kaiamba (Madagascar) K 81131
(6) Dedesse. Discomad (Madagascar) 467 121
(7) Field recording by August Schmidhofer (unpublished)
(8) Ninie Doniah: Mandiniha Raha. Ninie Doniah (Madagascar)
(9) Alain d'Andapa: Vol.2 Maharavoravo. Alain d'Andapa (Madagascar)
(10) Alain Sambava: Vol. 5 Sambava Magnitry. Alain Sambava (Madagascar)
(11) World Beat Vol. 7: Madagascar. Celluloid (France) 69619-2
(12) Big Red. A Musical Journey Through Madagascar. Nascente (Great Britain) NSCD 053

FANDAHARANA BAOBAB - Emap.FM's weekly program with Malagasy music, presented by Thiera Bruno and Sheila. Our goals are to present the diversity and creativity of Malagasy music making, to give consideration to all regions, to great stars as well as more localised musicians, contemporary and oldies, innovative and traditional. Every Wednesday at 16:00 UTC - Universal Time (France: 17:00 Summertime, 18:00 Wintertime; Madagascar: 19:00). Replay Friday at 0:00 (UTC) and Sunday at 8:00 (UTC)

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